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You can use ghostwriters or simply ping and give credit to the author of your post when you don’t have time to write your own content.  When bloggers set up a site, they receive notifications every time someone links an article they wrote to substantiate another writers content, It’s called a “ping.” Better known as citing your primary, secondary or tertiary sources.

Below are a list of ghost writers recommended by James B. Stafford of “Websites Made Easy” wherein his coordinator Ben gives us “15 BEST CONTENT CURATION TOOLS, SOFTWARE, AND SITES EVERY BLOGGER NEEDS.” A must read and authoritative piece with links to everything you need to draft genuine and engaging blog posts for your reader.

But once again, ” No time to write your own content?” OUTSOURCE IT!

1.) Natasha Nixon 

2.) UpWork / Elance

3.) Fiverr (Known for the “Browse. Buy. Done” Strategy, home of the $5 personal video”

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with these best practices and strategies drop your comments below and keep the connection.

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Here is some excerpts from Ben at Websites Made easy, I found to be helpful.

For the unversed, a quick content curation definition is the act of finding top performing content with existing social proof from a huge collection of areas and purposefully sharing this top content with your own specific audience for their benefit. We’ve talked about the importance of becoming an authority in any given niche market and how to create the most stellar content for your specific audience. Yet, finding proven pre-existing content is a whole other animal.

Sharing curated content means truly delivering the latest and best news surrounding your industry in real time. And if you’re hoping to be an authority, you better deliver the most relevant and up to date content so they come to you over anyone else first. Where else are they going to go to get the latest on rubber horse masks and shark cats on Roombas? Knowing your audience means to be able to gauge the temperature of the room and give the people what they want! Read the room and drop that DJ Snake track and loose the Fergalicious..

Essentially it all boils down to establishing yourself as a valuable and authoritative resource. If you’re able to become a one-stop-shop for your ideal customer’s needs, they’ll have absolutely no reason to go anywhere else. You will earn trust and loyalty among your customer base because you’ve done all the difficult work for them! You’ve waded through the waters of all the thousands of articles and selected only the top performing most relevant content to spread. And, when you are able to spread your own original content, your audience will be more likely to share it too.

So, now that we know the basics, but what is it that really makes a content curator set up for success?

There are many aggregators out there like many that you’ll see listed below, but to get that personal touch of tailored content comes from finding an authority to deliver the latest trends while adding their own two cents. The aggregators are great, but it takes time to sift through the hundreds of links to get that real meaty takeaway. The personal touch creates a deeper loyalty and bond between the curator and viewer. Find those types of resources and become one yourself.

Curating content for your readers saves them one of their most valuable assets: Time. You’re helping your customers save time from wading through the sea of mediocre content and providing a one-stop-shop of only the greatest and most valuable content out there. By providing this service, you’ll build trust and loyalty into the relationship.

Successful brands of today’s marketplace go beyond their core product or service’s promotional content and offers the whole experience surrounding their core product or service. There may be an initial draw to that brand, but what keeps them coming back for more is what they can experience from their newest trusted authority.

Take for example, GoPro. GoPro, at its core, offers a portable, high-quality video camera with a unique fish-eye lens. But, during the entire purchase process and well after the initial purchase, GoPro’s customers benefit from the value of awesome videos of transcendence from extreme sports junkies in the snow to snorkelers on an adventure off the coast of Australia. GoPro tells one huge story for all kinds of enthusiasts. At this point, the content that I’m consuming from GoPro isn’t trying to sell me their newest camera or cool accessories. They’re simply sharing everyone’s story just like mine, which, in turn, effortlessly sells itself. Go beyond your core product and build your story.

There are dozens of intuitive content curation tools and sites out there to help you find that HD signal out of all the noise. Finding just the right piece of content nowadays couldn’t be easier. You’ll save all that time and all the headaches with these 15 awesome tools, softwares, and websites.”